The Future of Diamonds

Diamonds are the epitome of luxury. A glittering, sparkling brilliance that is as coveted as it is inaccessible to most. Roku was born from the passion to make luxury affordable and free of conflict without ever compromising on beauty.

Roku–The Union of Beauty and Progression
Roku exclusively offers laboratory grown diamonds, which are identical to mined diamonds, yet environmentally and economically far superior. Our collections feature stunning loose diamonds, and impeccable jewelry pieces meant to celebrate your meaningful moments. Rooted in our beliefs is a socially responsible design and production process, excellent artistry and luxury that’s affordable also compassionate.

The Signature Collection

Timeless Brilliance.

There is no limit on your imagination to create art with our canvas of loose diamonds. The classic round shape is endlessly versatile and designed to showcase the diamond in its most sophisticated form. With this collection, create pieces are are timeless and elegant. They also make the perfect gift.

The Summer Collection

A Dazzling Rainbow.

Inspired by bright hues and crafted for the adventurer, this is the perfect blend of excitement and beauty for the modern woman. Like dotted across the starry skies, these stunning pieces come in various shapes, colors and sizes, perfect for statement and bespoke pieces.


Optimised to be Exceptional

Finding and creating the best diamond is an art form in itself. At Roku we pride ourselves on sourcing, cutting and polishing each stone to perfection. The 4Cs of diamond was developed by gemologists to access the quality of a diamond gemstone. It represents Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Roku diamonds are certified to meet this standard. Being lab grown, Roku diamonds also tend to have less defects and impurities than mined diamonds.

The Rings to Remember

Adorn yourself with our symbols of love and commitment. Each ring in this collection sparkles with diamonds set in organic and interlocking forms.






Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds grown in cultured laboratories are more pure, sustainable and meaningful far beyond those mined from the earth.

As lab grown diamonds are structurally and chemically the same as earth mined, geologists, jeweler or you cannot tell the difference with natural light, traditional tools, or even high magnifications. Specialising high end trace detectors and microscopes can identify a lab diamond, as it will be too uniform to have originated directly from the earth.

Our lab diamonds are energy efficient, quicker to grow and importantly, no labor practices are exploited in their making. When you wear Roku, you not only enjoy the highest quality of diamond, but also make the world world a little more bright.

How can we help you?

Whether it be to add to your collection, that firstspecial wristwatch or the restoration of a much lovedheirloom we are here to help.
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